Thank you for supporting the Aurora Schools Foundation! We’re so grateful for your contribution.

By giving to ASF, you’re providing consistent support to fund imaginative and innovative programs that go beyond the school’s budget.

Some of our most recent grants:

  • $10,000 – AP Computer Science: New computers run the cutting-edge programs for AP course. 
  • $31,000 – Innovative Design and Progressive Manufacturing Class: Materials purchased include 3D printers and Helix Laser cutters capable of manufacturing computer generated products into actual prototypes and product.
  • $5,000 – Adventure Challenges in Movement Education: This cutting-edge program was developed to address the lack of challenging physical encounters in the current generation. Students today are more apt to engage in static activities like computer games instead of being exposed to physical activities. 
  • $ 175 – Stretching our Thinking: This grant enhances the 6th and 7th ELA gifted curriculum with Gaming Exercises as recommended by the Young Entrepreneur Institute to focus on creative, innovative mindsets.

Over the years we have funded more than $400,000 in innovative ideas, programs and scholarships for students.  Thank you for helping us continue our effort to strengthen our students experience and support our amazing teachers.

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