by MIKE LESKO | REPORTER Published: December 23, 2015 1:00 AM

Aurora — The Aurora Schools Foundation is “truly living up to the motto of ‘Supporting Aurora students now and in the future,'” Superintendent Pat Ciccantelli said.¬†“It is making a difference for our students.”

The Aurora Board of Education recognized and thanked the Aurora Schools Foundation for its service at its Dec. 10 meeting.

Outgoing School Board member John Sloe, who did not seek re-election in November, has been an ASF trustee for eight years.

“As a public school district, our students are truly blessed to have an organization like the Aurora Schools Foundation to assist with the exceptional learning experience produced within our district,” Sloe said.

ASF President Tom Carr said the organization’s mission statement is “to enhance the educational experience of the Aurora City Schools,” while its vision statement is “Funding imaginative and innovative programs beyond the school budget.”

Ciccantelli praised Carr, Bob Tuttle and John Wells “for all of their hard work.”

The group, made up of volunteers, raised more than $50,000 in the past two years from community support, according to Carr, who said it awards scholarships to Aurora High School students.

It also hands out grants to three to five staff members each semester, Ciccantelli said, and to administrators and for student initiatives within the school district.

Carr said they include water stations in all school buildings that dispense filtered water that students can use to drink or fill up their reusable water bottles, and electronic message boards at the high school, Miller and Leighton.

The group also supported an award-winning AHS robotics team; provided innovative standup desks in the sixth-grade health class room; enhanced lighting in the high school auditorium; and supported creative learning labs at Harmon and Leighton schools.

“In the high school library reading area, they provided a grant to allow the high school to purchase furniture to create a comfortable reading area for the students,” Ciccantelli said.

“The Aurora Schools Foundation is an outstanding organization that has been extremely beneficial to our students and staff.”


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