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Aurora Schools Foundation offers Educational Enhancement Grants.


These grants, secured through applications, are made available to the staff of the Aurora Schools twice a year to accommodate the two semesters.  Information regarding these grants, including the instructions required for the application process, is sent to the entire ACS staff via school email.  The goal of these grants is to support innovative, imaginative, and creative programs, experiences, or opportunities that would not otherwise be available to the students of the Aurora Schools. This grant program is designed to enrich the student experience within the areas of ASF endorsed “Pathways to Excellence” which include:

  • Fine Arts
  • Communication
  • Value Diversity
  • Math/Science/Technology
  • Global Perspective
  • Leadership
  • Wellness
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Critical Thinking

Any individual or group seeking consideration for a Educational Enhancement Grant or interested in the criteria or application process should contact the ASF Grant Committee at grants@auroraschoolsfoundation.org or submit an online application by clicking here.


Application Deadline – November 1
Notification to teachers – December 15

Application Deadline – March 15
Notification to teachers – June 1

2021-2022 Fall Grant Allocation

  • $2,225 – Leighton Outdoor Seating: Jackie Skeels (Leighton) Leighton has an outdoor learning area that seats 16 students. Jackie Skeels has requested tables and seating to accommodate a full class for outside learning. Any class could use the space.
  • $2,000 – Brain Bins: Erin McBenttes and Kelly Wilk (Craddock 2nd Grade) The second grade teachers want to begin their days with a “soft start” and they are looking for materials to create “Brain Bins” such as building blocks, interlocking cubes, Legos, etc.
  • $2,700 – Driving a SPIKE into an Engineering Future: Shannon Gagel (Leighton) This grant is for six LEGO Spike prime robots to replace outdated rec club robots (over 12 years old).
  • $250 – Maximizing Intervention/Therapy Time by Use of Paging System: Pam Altman, Crystal Wise (Craddock Intervention) Students who need to leave their home classroom to receive therapies with a specialist don’t know when to leave because they can’t tell time. This grant is for a basic pager system to alert students it is time for their therapy.
  • $875 – Sensory Paths for Student Wellness: Lindsey Ambrosia (Craddock) This grant is for giant floor stickers (sensory paths) to adhere to the floors at Craddock to give students the opportunity to access a sensory/movement break that is self directed. Allows students to reset their bodies and minds and self-regulate.
  • $2,445 – Math Fluency Kits: Cara Morelos (Craddock/Leighton) This grant is for math fluency kits in Craddock and 3rd and 4th grade. Craddock currently has seven kits which were funded by the Curriculum Office and they have been very well received. The grant asks us to complete the Craddock set (3 kits) and requests kits to pilot multiplication and division kits in 3rd and 4th. These kits are not online math programs but more hands on tools for learning math facts.
  • $4,000 – Matching Books to Interests: Innovation through Non-Fiction: Jen Miller (Craddock) This grant is to supply all Craddock classroom with non-fiction books that pique the interest of young readers. Students would have a say in which books were selected for their classroom. Students would have opportunities to present and share what they’ve learned from these new books.

2020-2021 Grant Allocation for 2nd Semester

$1,000 – Membean On-line Vocabulary Program: Jeness Kington (High School)

This on-line vocabulary program expands the teaching strategies to include etymology in its presentation of words as well as videos, images, interactive word maps and an Adaptive Reinforcement Engine.

$670 – Social Justice Books: Mary Beckstrom (Harmon)

This request will enable Harmon Library to augment their available books covering a variety of “Social Justice” topics including Black History, Women’s History and other social justice issues.

$5,000 – Mathematical Practice through Coding with DASH Robots: Cara Morelos (Leighton)

This request provides funding to procure Dash robots which are used in conjunction with computer programs requiring coding. The hands-on problem based coding is now an integral part of the STEM/STEAM Standards of Mathematical practice and is an extension to the 3-5 grades of the same program which has been successfully piloted in the 2nd grade.

$795 – Kindergarten Storytelling Center: Laurie Kidwell (Miller)

This grant requests funding for a variety of “hands-on” materials to permanently incorporate a “Storytelling Center” into the curriculum. Pilot program successful.    For independent and interdependent activities.



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