For a complete list of 2017-18 ASF grantees, click on image.

The Aurora Schools Foundation  awards a variety of grants each year in pursuit of its mission to support and enhance the educational programs of the Aurora City Schools.  Contributors may direct their donations to support established areas we endorse or, with ASF Board approval, designate their contributions to other areas of interest.  To download the ASF Special Grant Application, click here. Our established grant programs currently include:


These grants, secured through applications, are made available to the staff of the Aurora Schools twice a year to accommodate the two semesters.  Information regarding these grants, including the instructions required for the application process, is sent to the entire ACS staff via school email.  The goal of these grants is to support innovative, imaginative, and creative programs, experiences, or opportunities that would not otherwise be available to the students of the Aurora Schools. This grant program is designed to enrich the student experience within the areas of ASF endorsed “Pathways to Excellence” which include:

–        Fine Arts
–        Communication
–        Value Diversity
–        Math/Science/Technology
–        Global Perspective
–        Leadership
–        Wellness
–        Civic Responsibility
–        Critical Thinking


The Foundation annually awards a Grant to each of the School Buildings to be directed toward special programming and activities as determined by the Building level administrators.


These grants support special projects and initiatives which have been defined by a donor or groups of donors and endorsed by the Foundation Board of Trustees.  Designated Grants may also be initiated by the Foundation Board of Trustees.


The Foundation consistently supports special student-centered activities and programs which may or may not be supported by our other grant initiatives.  Requests for these grants may be submitted by individuals or groups from within or out of the school community and will be considered on a case by case basis.  Any individual or group seeking consideration for a Special Grant or interested in the criteria or application process should contact the ASF Grant Committee at or 330-998-2185.



If you are passionate about the Aurora Public Schools and would like to use your talent to help students achieve lifelong success, we invite you to volunteer for a board position. Please contact the Foundation office if you would like to learn more about our board.

We have a variety of programs to support teachers and help students succeed. You can make a difference by getting involved.