2019-2020 Grant Allocation for 2nd Semester

$1,120 – Preschool Play and Dramatic Play Kits: Lauren Baker/Sarah Abell (Preschool)

This grant would provide a wide variety of materials to create dramatic and pretend play kits to foster pretend play skills, communication skills and teach children about community helpers and services they provide to the community.

$750 – PBIS* Inspirational Messages: Leigh Jacobson (Harmon)

This request would provide the materials necessary to create, with a “Cricut” machine and computer, professional looking vinyl message posters throughout the school in support of the 7th Gd. curriculum based PBIS program. Also available for all grade levels. The Cricut machine was donated by Joann Fabrics.

*Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support

$1,850 – OZOBOTS: Jessica Matousek (Harmon Grades 6-8)

This grant will provide students with a hands on opportunity to learn basic code programming through color coding, block coding, and de-constructional sequential programming to manipulate a smart robot. This type of technology addresses science and math.

$600 – Book Blogging with Bosnia: Kate White (High School English 10)

This project would establish a book club through Blogger with students in Bosnia. After creating a list of high interest books to read the students from Aurora and Bosnia will share and communicate their thoughts with each other via blogging and podcasting.

$2,000 – P.A.L. Packs (Physical Activity and Literacy Packs): Gretchen Jessel (Craddock)

This is an expansion of a program previously supported by ASF. This P.A.L. program involves adaptive materials designed for physical disabilities which are integrated with the families of involved students to promote healthy physical activity at home and school.

$2,414 – Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices (AAC): Lisa VanRaepenbusch/Megan Janzig (Craddock Grades 1 and 2)

This grant would provide a variety of digital communication devices to assist in teaching verbal communication to students who have Complex Communication Challenges (25+ students) and are unable to communicate verbally.



These grants, secured through applications, are made available to the staff of the Aurora Schools twice a year to accommodate the two semesters.  Information regarding these grants, including the instructions required for the application process, is sent to the entire ACS staff via school email.  The goal of these grants is to support innovative, imaginative, and creative programs, experiences, or opportunities that would not otherwise be available to the students of the Aurora Schools. This grant program is designed to enrich the student experience within the areas of ASF endorsed “Pathways to Excellence” which include:

–        Fine Arts
–        Communication
–        Value Diversity
–        Math/Science/Technology
–        Global Perspective
–        Leadership
–        Wellness
–        Civic Responsibility
–        Critical Thinking

Any individual or group seeking consideration for a Educational Enhancement Grant or interested in the criteria or application process should contact the ASF Grant Committee at or submit an online application by clicking here.


The Foundation consistently supports special student-centered activities and programs which may or may not be supported by our other grant initiatives.  Requests for these grants may be submitted by individuals or groups from within or out of the school community and will be considered on a case by case basis.  Any individual or group seeking consideration for a Special Grant or interested in the criteria or application process should contact the ASF Grant Committee at or submit an online application by clicking here.

$ 2000.00 – AHS Veterans Breakfast – Melissa Foster (HS) 
This grant provides breakfast for our local veterans. Ceremonies are planned and executed by the high school service learning class. Includes funds for take home gift for veterans designed by the Innovative design class. 
$3470.00 – Integrating Diversity
This grant provides monies for guest speaker Elec Simon from Stomp to come to speak to both the high school and middle school about topics of diversity, bullying, and the power of individuals.  Also provides funds for celebration of black history month including posters and DVD’s. Grant will provide for some high school students to attend a fall retreat and spring conference at the Diversity Center of NE Ohio. 



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