Educational Grant Application and Guidelines  

Fall Deadline TBD/Spring Deadline TBD

To provide start up “seed money” in support of new, innovative, imaginative and creative educational initiatives, experiences, or opportunities which have gained the support of the A.C.S. administration as part of the strategic educational program of the Aurora schools. 

General Grant Guidelines 

  1. It is the desire of the Foundation to award as many grants as possible which impact the largest number of students. Depending on the size and number of requests this may necessitate partial funding.  
  2. Funds cannot be used to supplant general operating funds which are annually allocated by the schools district. It should be further noted that it is not the intent of these particular grants to support or supplement instructional salaries or provide technological hardware that is within the traditional realm of school district’s expenditures and/or other school support groups. 
  3. Grants will be awarded based upon available our financial resources and the merit of the applications, thoroughness of planning and targeting of the grant to the Foundation and District’s mission and goal stated above. 
  4. Requests that do not meet the new, innovative, cutting edge, and creative goals of these Educational 

Enhancement Grants, but address other ideas, projects, or needs should consider submitting a Special Grant Application available on the Aurora Schools Foundation website:   

Application Guidelines

This application must be submitted no later than

The completed application must include:

  • Information/data page including the Project Summary on page 1.
  • Proposed Budget (itemized), and questions on page 2.
  • Signatures in approval of Grant guidelines by the applicant(s) and an administrator.

All applicants will be notified by                .   Notification of approved grants and checks for the amounts approved will also be provided to the involved Building Principals who will be responsible for depositing the funds in the appropriate school accounts. Recipients should contact their building Principals for processing.

    Educational Enhancement Grant Application

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    Curricular Area: (required)

    Primary Staff or Administrative Grant Contact Person(s): (required)

    Building: (required)

    Classroom/Grades Levels: (required)

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    Phone Number: (required)


    Project Summary (250 words max.) Please provide a summary of the proposal/project (in simple laymen's terms) including why this project is innovative, imaginative, or creative: (required)

    In what ways will this project enrich student experience of the students involved? (required)

    How will this project provide students with learning opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them? (required)

    Proposed Budget/Required Expenditures (Please round off all figures to nearest $5.00)

    Items and dollar amount: (required)

    Please provide, if any, other sources and amounts of funding that have been obtained, or are being sought for this initiative. (required)

    Please indicate any financial flexibility options available for partial funding. (required)

    Check from ASF should be written to: (required)

    Fund/Account: (required)

    Bldg: (required)

    I (we) understand that:

    The ASF Grant approval process may involve further communication with the applicant(s) and/or the school administrators for further clarification and input. (required)
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    as a recipient of an ASF Educational Enhancement Grant I (we) may be asked to cooperate in providing pictures, testimonials, and other material to promote recognition of the Foundation’s support of this project through various media and publicity venues. (required)
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    Aurora School Foundation Grants require the knowledge and approval of the Building Principals. Please indicate the building principal / administrator approving this application. (required)
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    The administrator below has reviewed this grant application and including the guidelines above and supports this grant and grant request.

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    As the applicant(s) I (we) understand the guidelines for this grant and accept full responsibility for implementation of the grant.

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