Aurora Schools Foundation recently approved over $5,000 in grants during this semester for Aurora Schools teachers. These grants included:

  • A one-day Language Arts Festival at Harmon Middle School with bestselling author Terrie Libenson, who will present on the writing process and conduct a live drawing engagement.
  • STEM Kits for preschool students at Miller Elementary School. The STEM Kits will help integrate STEM activities into all curriculum areas.
  • Reading material for 10th graders at Aurora High School.
  • Multicultural literature for 9th graders at the Aurora High School, which will create a Multicultural Book Unit for students to learn more about cultures and social issues.
  • A new Buzzer System for Harmon Middle School’s Quiz Bowl Team to compete with area schools.
  • A set of 3Doodlers for Leighton Elementary School. 3Doodlers act as an introduction to 3D printing and design activities.
  • A Special Education Library at Leighton Elementary School for 3rd-5th graders that will address the high interest, low level books that accommodate special education students.


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