Aurora Schools Foundation is proud to announce this year’s winners of Material Needs Grants. These grants, totaling $13,385, support the supplies and equipment needed to create new programs in the Aurora City School District. The 2017-18 grantees are

  • Lisa VanRaepenbush/Lauren Baker, $2,030 for Autism Structured Tasks Systems
  • Tammy Mazzella, $400 for Healthy Habits Classroom Extention
  • Shannon Daniels/LaQuita Timberlake, $680 for Language Arts Library Augmentaion
  • Karen Baker, $1,350 for Shakespeare Artists in Residency
  • Schaefer/Troman, $1,400 for Document Cameras
  • Jessica Matousek, $2,335 for Padcaster Studio
  • Sobolewski, $895 for Critical Thinking Games
  • Callahan, Abramovich, $1,995 for Brain Fit Room
  • Tricia Perry, $1,000 for High Interest Reading Material
  • Beckstrom, Murray, etc, $1,300 for Eighth Grade Nonfiction Self-selection Books

Congratulations to all, and thank you to the donors who support these grants.

Another cycle of grants will be made available to Aurora Schools Foundation members in the fall of 2019.

To download a detailed Request Summary of Grants for 2017-18, Click here.

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